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Child safety

    note>>>>> The display device has a battery inside.It can work on the battery or the power transformer. There is no compact battery-in the camera.It only works on the power charger.Thus, the camera always needs to connect the power outlet while working.    ..
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                      Automatic tracking   The camera will automatically follow the body when someone moves.(You can open or close this function in the application)             A soft frying pan and monitoring miles   Camera head is rotated with 350 degrees and 110 degrees mile.You can control it via the app and get a comprehensive offer on each inch of your entire home.You will not make them any details even if they try.               1080p Full HD   Watch everything in a beautiful color and extensive clarity with this HD camera.It helps you keep the eye closely on your children and beautiful pets.All that has been taken by this camera will be presented to you by videos fluent and amazing.           Two -way   When monitoring videos cannot satisfy you, we offer you in real time two directions.The camera was built with a microphone and amplifier.So you can talk to your children via your smartphone whenever you want.           Observing day and night   Equipped with infrared LED LED lights, this camera provides you with a clear night vision.And with the smart infrared filter, the vision becomes day and night, fragile, and Vivid will stay confident that you will always be reliable eye         The movement revealed an alarm   Any suspicious movement will be detected in the camera's eye and record, and leave thieves and thieves anywhere to hide.At the same time, you will receive immediate application warning pushing your smart devices wherever you are.         Support up to 128GB TF storage card   The TF card allows you to enter 128 GB TF card, which means that you can save photos and videos for the view at a later time, and at the same time the big memory allows you to record everything you want without missing one moment.         Cloud storage, more secure data   Monitoring data is sent to the cloud in real time, without fear of theft, without fear of being destroyed, storage capacity is the size of your choice, cloud encryption, more safety         Real delivery and operation   This smart wireless camera is designed with an easy preparation feature for installation to do it yourself.It also supports a single -key Wi -Fi connection, and a single Ethernet cable is not needed in the entire network connection process.         P2P Remote access   Thanks to the comfortable P2P technology, you can now view the live shots whenever you want, just log in to the P2P account on the application via a smartphone or tablet and start monitoring your home at any time.           H.264 pressure and dual current design   By adopting the advanced H.264 video pressure, the efficiency of the frequency range and the speed of transmission is increased significantly.While the double current separates the local registration from the remote viewing to eliminate the overlap between them.           Put it anywhere, easy to prepare   It takes a minute to install, desk support, wall, connecting and operating installation ceiling.Just connect it to the energy and then set it through the mobile phone application         Enjoy wireless freedom and fast installation   This smart camera only supports 2.4G and Wi -Fi Conchetone, and you can enjoy freely and put it anywhere in your home.Wipe the quick response icon to add it, connect it to your WiFi network, and you can start monitoring at any time     Product packaging Child monitor * 1 Ingredients * 1 (United States, European Union, UK, African Union) Use instructions * 1 Data cable * 1 Installment of accessories * 1 Note: The external packaging is randomly sent as a gift   About delivery We will usually charge the expulsion within 24 hours, with the exception of Chinese legal holidays   About post -sales When receiving the expulsion, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will quickly solve the problem for you.   We hope that your children will grow in good health!                        ..
Ex Tax:SR.100.00
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